Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I've broken His heart.

I've broken Your heart.

Can You still love me?

My head knows a lot of things.
But my heart doesn't get it.
I'm so covered in my sin that there is no way I can ever get out.
I've made idols
And allowed jealousy
And overlooked disobedience
And ignored conviction
And fallen
And failed.
Left and right
Right and left
Can you reach me?
Yes. You can.
I've tried to earn salvation
But I can't operate without your grace.
Oh, God, help me!
I'm drowning.
Because I took my eyes off of you.
I'm scared
And broken
And sinful
And cracked.
But you can use cracked vessels the best.
I want You to seep from my every seam.
Permeate my core.
Saturate my mind
Penetrate my soul.
But most of all,
Please don't let me go.

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