Saturday, September 22, 2012

A letter from the King

I AM Yahweh. Do you get it, my love? Do you get it? I AM Yahweh. Not just God. Not just Lord. Not just King. Yahweh. Do you know what that means? It means personal, covenant keeping God. I keep My promises, always. Even when you wait and wait and wait I AM still faithful. Because my timing is perfect, and you cannot even grasp it. I love you. That is it. I love you. Not because of what you do, what you think, or what you say. But I love you just because You exist, I love you.
I love you.
I've got you.
You've bought into the lie that I have let you go, just because you can't hear me. You are terrified that you don't belong to me. Time out. Those are lies of my enemy. All of your life you have been scared deep down you don't belong to me. All of your life, it has been a lie. I knew you as I created the world. I knew you even then. I knew you, and I know you now. I know your heart, and your mind. I want you to trust Me so badly. I want you to worry about today. How you can glorify Me today. Not months from now. Today. I want you to truly take one step at a time and not try to skip steps along the way. I have you, and you are Mine. Nothing you do could ever separate you from My love. Nothing. Because I love you this much, I AM working in You. I knew when I gave my life for you that you would mess up. I knew you would fail. I knew you'd run from me. I know every single thing about you, and I
Don't give up on Me. Don't lose hope. Don't lose trust. Don't let go. I AM right here, right now. I AM with you. That is it. Nothing else matters. I AM here.
I. Love. You.

With my everything,

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