Thursday, February 14, 2008

Can I Invent a Time Machine?

I have officially decided that I am going to invent a time machine and start this week over. That way, I could warn Tiffany Thomas (a girl in my dance class who died Monday) not to skip dance class to go get a puppy. I could tell her that she was going to get in an accident on highway 445. If I did that, her family, friends, and other people in her life would not be grieving at the loss of a fun, outgoing 17 year- old.We would not be going to a wake tomorrow night. I would not have to be distracted in school all week and be only prepared just enough for tests.
Next, I would get up earlier on Wednesday so I wouldn't be in a rush and I would remember to set our alarm system. That would make the thieves less likely to rob us, and I would still have $200 and I video camera. My mom would still have her watch. My sister would still have her necklace, and she wouldn't be afraid to sleep at night.
I know it's not possible to go back in time, and I know that Tiffany would have died anyway because it's in God's will. I know that nothing would have probably stop the robbers, but hey, I can dream, can't I? So anyway, that's what's up. Now that I've written, I am going to bed.

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