Monday, February 18, 2008

I Dance

This is just something I wrote a little while ago. I wrote it because it has been exactly a week since Tiffany died. I went to the dance class that Tiffany was in. It was weird.It's almost unreal that she is no longer here. (The good thing, though, is that Tiffany was a Christian, so we will one day see her in Heaven.)

There is nothing I can say.
So I turn on the music so, so loud
And I dance.
I dance this feeling away.
I leap andI spin andI touch the sky.
Doing all these things help me not to cry.
My emotions flow through the movements
Because mere words cannot describe
This feeling that I have deep deep inside.
All the hurt, the confusion, the fear.
When I dance I know that my God is near.
My passion is revealed, my tears are wiped away
All because there is nothing that I can say.
The music becomes my therapy,
The choreograohy my "get away".
I no longer have that feeling.
That horrible feeling
All Because I dance.
I dance it all away.

I thought we were going to actually dance today, but we just went outside. We walked, and then we ran. Then we did some crunches. It was chilly and kinda dark, but it felt so good just to get away from everything, to get out of the dance room. Even thogh I didn't dance in class tonight, I have been dancing everywhere I go, just to cope.