Thursday, December 6, 2007


The following are poems about dancers. Being a dancer, I loved them and so, I posted them.

"The Performance"

The spotlight brightens

The music begins

I'm up on my toes

as I twirl and spin

I jump and I leap

From one side to another

feeling just the music

never any other.

I raise up in pointe

then down in plie

performing what i've practiced

for so long every day.

To dance is my dream,

I can't let it die

for when I do dance

I feel I can fly

The world can disapear

My troubles can cease

For just one moment

I am truly at peace.



I am a dancer

I twirl, leap and spin

I jump, piorette, and tap

I am a dancer

I feel pain and fear

I feel defeat and failure

Yet I keep going

I smile, I practice, I perform

I feel happiness and joy

I have grace and beauty

I hear the applause

I perform and do my best

Sometimes I fail

I don't give up

For I am a dancer

I am brave and strong

I dance not for fame and glory

But for how I feel inside

I am happiness,joy,love & excitment

Strife, talent, joy,

Determination and beauty

I am a dancer

I got these poem from

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