Friday, October 12, 2007

Chosen by God

This is something I read in my devotional book, Devos for Teens. This message really spoke to me, so I felt I needed to post it. It helps of you really trey to imagine it.

"The time is the early 1800's And the unthinkable has happened. You're a slave. As you stand half-naked on the auction block, you're humiliated. Men are watching your every move and eyeing you closely.
"In less than a year I'd have her plowing" one says. "Yep. Tie her up to my yoke, attach a harness and plow to her, and I'd have forty acres of corn."
A human plow? You can't believe these heathens don't see your humanity. The same guy lets out an eerie sneer."That's not all I'd use her for." The others laugh in a half- drunken stupor.
Then, from the crowd of sweaty, cursing men pushes a man who's smiling. There is something different about him. He never looks at your beaten body; he simply looks into our eyes... and he smiles.
Someone starts the bidding at $5. You can't bear to look. You're too humiliated. If only I could escape, you think. Oh, for a warm bath and clothes to cover my nakedness.
Another ups the price. You are worth $7.50 now. Then $10. Your head is still hung in shame. The bidding has come down between two voices. You recognize the one belonging to the man who is going to turn you into a human plow. The other voice? You can't place it, but you don't dare raise your head.
The human plow guy is nervous. You can tell by the sound of his voice. Is he afraid he is going to lose? you wonder. " I'll give $52," he screams. The other voice counters the offer. Plow Man is angry. He is not used to being outbid. The numbers continue to increase. 'I'll pay $71,' he screams in desperation. The other voice calmly increases his counteroffer.
Plow Man just might lose, you think. And you find yourself desperately hoping you won't have to make your home in his barn. You know if the plow guy gets you, you'll also be having his children. You'll carry the scars of his whip. You'll never feel hope again.
'I don't know who you are, mister,' Plow Man snarls. ' But if you know what's good for you, you'll leave now!'
The other voice- ready to end the battle- matter-of-factly states, 'I will never leave.I am here to see this thing through. I'll pay any price. She's mine. I have chosen her.' "

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