Sunday, October 14, 2007

Prayer for Madi and Lee

My dad has a friend named Lee Russell who has cancer basically all over his body. He is so weak that he can barely walk to his mailbox. He has a wife and three daughters- a fourteen year old, a seventeen year old, and a twenty-one year old. The doctors are saying that he does not have much longer to live. His whole family and all of his friends do not know what is going to happen.
Also, there is this little girl named Madi Eagan,a five year old with leukemia. Well, she had leukemia. The doctors killed it- along with the cells that make her blood clot and many other good cells in her body. Her doctors tested her sister's blood to see if it was a match. It was, but the sister gets cold sores all the time, so the doctors cannot use her blood. They are in the process of testing other family members, but it has been difficult to find a match. The sad thing is that Madi's mom is thinking about suicide. She has said(in front of Madi's eight-year old brother) that if Madi dies, she will kill herself. And I'm pretty sure that no one in this family knows Jesus.
I said all this to ask for your constant prayers for theses two people-Lee Russell and Madi Eagan- and their families. Pray that God will heal them, comfort them and their families, and bring an unsurpassed peace to these people. Most importantly, pray that God gets all the glory, no matter the outcome.

Thanks in advance for your prayers!!!

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