Sunday, August 12, 2012


"I feel like I'm at the edge of a tunnel, and I don't know if it's full of countless wonders, or countless terrors."


A big part of me wants to run....into a corner of a fort made out of sheets in my living room with my mommy making lunch, and Big Comfy Couch playing in the back ground.

But when I run away, wondering if anyone cares enough to chase me, I bump into you. Always. You are with me. You win.
So, I wont run.

I will walk.
-I'll walk in the direction You have called me, knowing that every step I take is ordained by You. And You walk with me, matching me step for step.
I will stand.
- I'll stand on the promises Your word gives me. I'll stand on You alone.
I will build.
-I will build my foundation on You, the solid Rock. Not on great memories, or on good friendships, or on activities, or hobbies, or talents. Just You. Everywhere else is shaky.
I will sit.
-I will sit daily in Your perfect presence, spending time with You- only You.
I will kneel.
- I'll kneel and bow in front of my King. I'll fight for my friends, my family, and perfect strangers.
I will dance.
-I will dance with joy before you, praising You in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the blah.
I will look.
-I will look for opportunities daily to help someone love You just a little more.
I will listen.
- I will listen to Your voice, and I'll obey. I will listen to those that need to talk, showing your love by caring.
I will speak.
-I'll speak Truth and preach the Gospel.
And most of all,
I will love.
- I will love you with my whole being. I will show others Your great love.

Help me, Jesus.

Not my story, but Yours.

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