Sunday, July 15, 2012

Prayer for a Friend


Oh man. My heart is hurting. But I know Yours is hurting 10,000 times more. Your royal daughters have believed lies for way too long. Your enemy is working. He whispers to us, over and over.

"You're ugly."
"You're worthless."
"You're alone."
"You're too far gone."
"No one on the planet likes you."
"No one loves you."
"God doesn't- he can't- love you."

Lord, I have one specific friend in mind and You know exactly who and where she is. But, she's not the only one. So many of my sisters hear these lies and believe them. I myself have believed them. But You. You can break every chain! You create masterpieces. You know more about each of Your Daughters than we know about ourselves.
You are flooding my mind and heart with memories, memories from that one night in Ecuador. It was a wedding ceremony. And I, your bride, was wearing a white shirt, ironically. I looked down at my seat. The single rose on my chair wasn't red, pink, or yellow, like the seats next to me. It was white. I laughed! I thought of what that color meant- purity. I was unworthy. And then- the enemy reminded of the meaning of my middle name- "pure". I shook my head. I knew I hadn't lived up to that. Surely, you could never forgive me! Yet through the speaker, you showed me that You had redeemed me. It didn't matter what I'd done, what junk was in my heart. It didn't matter that no one (or so I thought) liked me. It didn't matter that I thought my own friends and family hated me. You broke through the fear of others' opinions. You broke through the thoughts that even my voice was annoying. The fear of others that had held me back for so long- you broke it. The speaker said that night that you wanted to marry me. Your proposal was the cross, and the ring was a nail- literally. My leader slipped the ring made from a nail on my finger and I just cried. I signed the marriage certificate, saying I'd give myself to you wholeheartedly and unequivocally- You were the only option! No more being afraid to talk on the phone or being the shy "new" kid at school. No more doubt about who I was or Whose I was.

God, even as I'm remembering that night, my heart is racing. I've never typed so fast in my life. You really did make me new that night. At school I wasn't afraid of the "popular" kids anymore. I had conversations with people who, the year before, I thought would hate me. Words from bullies just rolled of my back. When, the year before they made me cry every night. Every chain- every one was broken. I still wear that ring every day, and I'm reminded how much You LOVE me.
Oh, God- please do it for my friends, my sisters. No more lies. No more doubts. No more fears- No more!! I'm declaring it in Jesus' name. Satan is bound and we are not. Show your Daughters their value, their worth. Hold them in your lap and pour out your love. You are the ONLY option.

In Jesus' powerful name,


Your princess.

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