Sunday, July 22, 2012

How He Loves Us

"I've got a really big God,Oh.
He's always by my side"


That one line in the kids' song is incredible. I sang it for an entire month at VBS in Africa, but I never really thought about it.
As I sit here and stare at Your starry night sky, I'm in awe. God, You're huge. I remember hearing one time that the universe expands by a million miles in every direction...every hour. Whoa. And there are stars that can fit like a trillion earths inside of them. You breathed them out, and you measured them in the span of your hand. What?! But, as big as You are, you are always by MY side. Always in my heart. You created the entire world and you CHOSE to be here. You see me, and you know me. You know everything about me. I am truly in awe. You are so very big, but so very personal. And to think- My prayers affect You. Because I matter that much to You. Even though I'm so highly unworthy. You love me. Even when I can't do anything right,
You love me.
When I doubt my worth, You instantly remind me that
You love me.
When I "know" I'm not being used for your kingdom, you show me exactly how I am- because
You love me.
When I'm fickle- passionate one day and indifferent the next, still
You love me.
I'll never understand it. I'll never quite grasp it, and I can't explain it fully.
You love me.

You're a really big God.
Oh,but you're always by my side!

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