Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I am pitiful!!! Here's the story: The college & career group at my church decided to do a fundraiser called Flamingo Frenzy. What they do is go to two houses a night (of people at our church) and stick these lovely flamingoes in the front yards. In order to have them romoved, you have to make a love offering to the group. Then the flamingoes are removed and you get to choose the people they go to next. Well, I REALLY REALLYwanted to catch the college & career in the act of puting the birds in our yard. I was going to either scare them or take pictures of them doing it. I had a feeling that they were going to come on Monday night(which they did) so I turned out almost all the lights in the house,(to make them think we were asleep) got my flashlihght, planned my route for getting out the house without being seen by the culprits, and got my camera ready. I was ready for them when they came.(or so I thought) Here is the pitiful part: My mom and I had just finished watching a tv show and she sees a car in my driveway.(Thinking it was the c&c) She tells me to run to my room and look out my widow, so I do, but I see nothing. I told my mom she was cruel for getting me all excited like that just for a trick. She promised that she wasn't lying but really saw a car, so I figured it must've been a car turning around. However, I still thought that it might have been a car that the c&c were in, but they had just left because they saw a few lights on. So anyway, I went and talked to my sister before she went to bed and told her I as probably going to be waking her up in a little while(about 9:00)so she could see the people sticking the birds in our yard. Well time passed and still no sign of the birds, so I went to bed.(10:00)) I was doing my devotion when my dad comes in from umpiring a softball game and says,"Y'all are not very good. There's a bunch of birds in our yard." I ran outside thinking he was playing, but I saw the flamingoes. Apparently, the car we had seen earlier was in fact the college & carrer. (Someone was probably picking up the people who actually flamingoed us) I was dumbfounded. "How could I miss them!!!" I thought."It seems like there was no way I wasn't going to catch them, but the college and career group is quick. I will let them have that. It was like my dreams of taking pictures of the culprits were crushed, sprinkled on the ground, made into mud, put in a hole, and crushed some more. (sorry I'm a little over So. that's my story of how pitiful I am. The worst part is that my mom was laughing at me just because I didn't catch them in the act!! She knows I wanted it soooo bad!

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the WORSHIP guy or i am not said...

I know you are off the computer for a month. SO you will see this when you get back on. Proud of you for taking that kinda stand. Also I CAUGHT the C & C in the act and then left the house for a bit! When I came back they had rolled my house and cling wrapped it. Try cleaning all that up! :-)