Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blessed enough to Dream

soo.. obviously it's been a while since I posted. This post is kinda in 2 parts.
I have just been inspired totally wrecked by a blog I found. Well, actually it's a ministry. It's called Amazima Ministries, and it's in Uganda. It's a child sponsorship program that sponsors over 400 children. There is a school, health care, a vocational program, and spiritual encouragement. It's been in operation for a few years but get this: It was founded and is now run by a 21 year old girl from Tennessee. 21. Just 4 years older than me. Living in one of the poorest nations in Africa, loving her 14 adopted daughters, and serving as the executive director of a sponsorship program SHE founded. WOW! Talk about faith! Her name is Katie Davis. She initially went to Uganda when she was 18. She went to teach kindergarten for a few months, but God had something way different in mind. Katie noticed the poverty and lack of education, and decided to do something about it. I want a faith like that! God's dreams are so much bigger than ours! I wonder... if we were just open to Him and dependent on Him, and pursuing of Him... what would He show us? I know he has bigger dreams for each and every one of us. But I also think that we get too busy to even ask what those dreams are. I wonder: if we took the time to ask- and we actually listened for the answer- would we change the world? Probably. Because the world is full of God's children. And he doesn't want any of his children to suffer. I bet He would give each one of us a different passion and a different dream that would affect a different issue. But we don't even care..Or if we do care, we don't even truly ask God what His dreams are. Or if we do ask, we don't follow through in obedience and sacrifice. We have become laxed, content, and comfortable. We thoroughly enjoy our freedoms and our safety and our security. But we aren't thankful.
And that brings me to my second point. In her videos, Katie talks about the sheer poverty of Uganda. It is a war torn country strongly affected by disease. Most of the children are orphans, and they are all malnourished. Today, we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. However, I wonder if we forget what it's really about. I look at these videos and it breaks my heart that while everyone here will be feasting and wasting, kids and adults everywhere are starving. Do we even care? God has blessed us beyond measure! We don't deserve it at all. Not a single person is "good" or worthy. If it weren't for God's grace, we could be one of those families in Uganda. Only by God's grace are we in warm homes with big families and lots of food today. ONLY by God's grace. So I guess my point for this is just to BE thankful. don't just ACT thankful. Remember what you have, even if you think you have little. Choose to show God how grateful you are-not just this 1 day, but all 365 days.

I once heard a quote that said "What if you woke up this morning having only what you thanked God for yesterday?" hmmm... food for thought.

and BTW, here is one of Katie's videos. also look up "Katie Davis speaks" parts 1 & 2.

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