Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Real Teens

I've seen the "Real Mums" thing, and since I am not a mom I thought I would create one about teens.

A real teen isn't afraid to admit that she occasionally watches little kid shows (Winnie the Pooh, Arthur, Mr. Rodgers,etc.) just because it brings back memories.

A real teen knows it's ok to act spastic every once in a while.

A real teen wants to grow up but also wants to stay a kid forever.

A real teen has friends a least two years older and at least two years younger than herself.

A real teen sometimes cries without a reason and knows that it's ok.

A real teen knows that younger kids are watching her and tries her best to be a good example.

A real teen gets angry at her parents and refuses to talk to them, but five miutes later when she can't find something, she forgets about the whole "not talking" thing.

A real teen gets sooo excited over the smallest things.

A real teen says she is bored, but is suddenly having fun when Mom suggests a chore to break the boredom.

A real teen messes up. - a lot.

A real teen spends time with God on a daily basis.

A real teen actually likes going to church and hangs out with her youth group more than she hangs out with friends from school.

A real teen cherishes her grandparents- even though they get on her last nerve sometimes.

A real teen hates chores, but knows she has to do them if she wants to go to youth that week.

A real teen's room is almost never clean.

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